Things Need To Be Taken Care Of While Recycling E Waste

Things need to be taken care of while recycling E-Waste

As we all can see, for the past decade we have been a part of the digital revolution. The lifestyle of the current generation has drastically changed. Today, every individual’s life revolves around technology. Society is now driven by the constant need for newer technology, upgraded products and hence there has been a rapid increase in the market for these electronic products. Even, electronic Industry is one the world’s fastest-growing industries across the Globe. As a result, we have massive heaps of Electronic Waste every year which becomes hard to manage. Mobile phones, laptops, hard drives are the major electronic devices contributing to electronic waste. As per the research, 50 million metric tons of electronic waste is discarded every year.

Electronic devices are comprised of chemical substances and materials which are hazardous to both health and the environment. It may include heavy metals which are toxic and if not dealt with properly may lead to serious health issues or can contaminate the landfills where they are buried. This not only affects humans but also the wildlife living in that area. Poor and Developing countries are at a higher risk of danger as they are receiving this e-waste from developed countries as well. Also, throwing away electronic products is not an option as it may lead to security theft as well.

So, we are in constant need of managing this e-waste properly. As there are serious-environment issues if we send our e-waste to landfills we can opt for a better option which is recycling.

E-Waste Recycling is a simple method where Electronic Components will be disassembled by IT And Electronic Waste Recycling Company in Delhi NCRThe parts which are still useful are Re-Used and the others need to go through further recycling processes like shredding, dust extraction, magnetic separation etc.

Following are the things that need to be taken care of while recycling e-waste-

Data Privacy:

Deleting data from electronic devices is not as simple as people think. There are high chances that the data remains recoverable even after deleting it. So, the company which deals in IT and electronic waste management in India makes sure that the data is deleted completely from the devices using specialized software.

Modern and sustainable techniques:

We should use modern techniques in order to dispose of e-waste completely and properly. First, we categorized the e-waste according to the component and materials they are made up of. Then process accordingly to ensure maximum recovery and minimum wastage.

Government Regulations:

This is one of the factors that should be taken care of by the IT And Electronic Waste Recycling Company in Delhi NCRThere is various E-Waste scrappage policy implemented by the Government which must be followed by every E-Waste management company.

Classified According to Recycle and Re-Use:

As there are a lot of electronic parts involve in IT Electronic Gadgets. First, we need to categorize which needs to be reused and which needs to go through recycling. Reused parts can be directly used for the next Product development.

Proper Safety and Precautions:

According to the e-waste management company in Bangalore, the recycling plant should have all the safety equipment like gloves, shoes, helmets, fire extinguishers etc. The workers should be aware and follow all the safety protocols. By this, the chances of an accident and the miss happening can be reduced to a great extent.


The above points prove that the proper steps rule and regulations should be followed for the positive effect of e-waste recycle and disposal. These steps will also help the recycling companies to grow and function smoothly.

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