Recycling Plant

KOSCOVE E WASTE PVT. LTD. is an e-waste processing facility is at Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh.

We are specialized in processing electronic waste and disposition it for reuse, disposal, recycling and de-manufacturing and recycling.

Some electronic items are not suitable for reuse such as old televisions, computer monitors, cell phones and accessories and others that are disassembled to the component level and converted back into raw materials to be formed and used as a new product.

Recycling Plant

In some products, recycling is not possible so in that case, they are going for final disposal in permitted and licensed facilities. Our team of experts and professionals do de-manufacture and recycle items such as laptops, computers, CRT monitors, televisions, MP3 players, PDAs, photocopiers, cell phones, scanners, networking equipment servers etc.

To provide a safe environment for everyone, the company ensured that all the measures should be taken by the companies to receive the necessary clearances from the various departments including UP government permission is necessary for recycling of E-waste.

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