Our Mission

Our fundamental mission is to remove all e-waste entering landfills in the country. By doing this, we want to contribute to each business success in reducing their waste and managing their waste responsibly. Our ethics are just not to talk green, but also to embed green e-waste management principles in the activities we do.

Little actions in managing e-waste can make big changes – we welcome everyone to partner with us in our mission to make India e-waste free.

Our Vision

We aim to become the most competitive single point solution offering tremendous value to businesses in sustainable waste management solutions. We focus on being a National leader in integrated e-waste management in India. Our visualization is to create an economic and environmentally friendly e-waste management service. By doing this, we aim to benefits humans on a large scale.

  • Economic Benefits: Increased extra income from recovered materials.
  • Environmental Benefits: Our proper e-waste management help in reducing environmental and water pollution. Our services also focus on reducing soil degradation.
  • Social Benefits: Employment generation across the stages of waste management and recycling.

Our two core principles :

  • To follow all national laws and guidelines in waste management and environment laws.
  • To offer professional trust worthy e-waste management services. For this, we use modern processes, proven methods and innovative technology.
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