E Waste Collection Center

We offer world class and reliable e-waste collection service for all kinds of electronic goods. Our facility in Delhi NCR is known for the most cost effective center in e-waste collection, recycling and safe disposal. Client prefer us because we are the best e-waste collection in Delhi NCR. Offering 100% date security and compliance is our core philosophy in which we operate.

  • – Date Security guarantee: As per industry standard, we use the most prominent technology in erasing all the data in the devices. If necessary, we use data degaussing technology. This ensure data is removed completely. This offer complete satisfaction to clients. 
  • – Compliance guarantee: Known as the finest ewaste collection center in Delhi NCR, we follow government norms across all steps of our waste management process. We also provide required documents like authorization certificate, safe disposal and safe removal certificate to our clients.

Our centers across India work with a mission to provide companies with feasible solutions to meet their EPR targets. Partnering with us, we ensure 100% compliance, 100% transparency and 100% safe process. We are best e-waste collection in Delhi NCR in meeting the targets in a specified timeframe.