E Scrap Recycling

In India, the use of electronics is increasing day by day and so is the waste which is being generated. Industry and individual consumption trend are the major contributor to e-waste. This trend is increasing the volume of daily waste electrical and electronic scrap being generated. Coupled with these wastes are critical material and metals which are of value being lost. Strategic metals such as indium, lithium, gallium, tin and copper are available in plenty in e-waste scrap. Hence, to create and generate value we offer safe and standard solution in e-scarp recycling. We are known as the best E-Waste Recycling Company in Noida. We have right technology in place to process, separate and sort the scraps and critical metals.

We are the single point contact for all types of electrical and electronic waste scraps. Our tailor made and sophisticated recycling solutions meet all customer needs and Indian environment regulations.

If you’re trying to Google out the best “E Scrap Recycling near Me”, then we are the first option. Our technology and the world-renowned process can take any input and separate the right useful material with best purity. 

Advantages of our e-scrap recycling:

  • – Faster and more efficient sorting system which separates valuable material in no time.
  • – With our process and the technology adopted, the valuable material remains intact.
  • – Massive parts can be processed with less effort and time.
  • – Our process doesn’t release any harmful substances. We dispose the leftover unwanted material safety and environment friendly. 

We do e-waste recycling covering a host of devices such as Laptops, Tabs, Projectors, UPS systems, Mobile phones, Power Back-up Battery, Inverter battery, Medical Equipment’s, Routers, Display Damage LED TV, Set-top Boxes, Remote Controls, Camera, Refrigerators and other Non-IT materials.

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