About Koscove

Today world is facing one of the most rapid-growing problems is Electronic waste i.e., E-waste has lots of substances that are very hazardous for both environment and health if someone made a mistake in handling it. India is facing enormous e-waste not only from India but many developed countries making India a dumping ground for their e-wastes. In India, there is no infrastructure, procedure, and proper channel for e-waste recycling and disposal. All the electrical and electronic appliances are the reason for E-waste products which includes items such as Laptops/computers, refrigerators mobile phones, digital music recorders/players, washing machines, televisions, and many other household consumer items so, in this scenario, Koscove comes, which is one of the top e-waste management companies in Noida.

Koscove has been awarded as the best leading e-waste recycling company in Noida due to the safe handling & disposal of e-waste efficiency. We are offering our services all over India.

We are offering our services to Mobile companies, ICT companies, Laptops, Telecommunication service provider companies, E-Vehicle companies and all electrical and electronic gadgets and accessories. Furthermore, we are proud to say that our client’s trust in us make our company the best among others and awarded best in IT And E-Waste Disposal in Noida.

If you are searching for E-waste recycling near me then you are in the right place as we already mention that we are offering our services all over India, so you don’t need to worry to reach us just call us and our team member come to you and collect your e-waste.

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